How to fill cremation ash pendants

How to fill ash pendants

You can tell the crematory that you want to use a little of the cremation ashes, and they will keep some for you. The memorial jewelry has a small screw-cap at the top, bottom or back. Check for damage before you fill the ash or memorial jewelry.

Pour the cremation ashes in the opening using a small funnel or a folded piece of paper. Unscrew the cap by hand, a pincer might damage the jewel. Use a large piece of paper on a straight surface to easily gather any spills. If the cremation ashes are too coarse you can powder them with a mortar and pestle.

If necessary, tamp down the ashes with a wooden toothpick. Check to see that nothing sticks to the screw by closing it once without glue. Clean if necessary, then put a drop of glue on the inner screw and close the cap. Make sure that the hook on the cap is well aligned with the rest of the memorial jewelry when you put on the chain. Do not re-open (the cap might become unstuck or it might leak.) Remove any excess glue.

Do not expose to water. An ash jewel is never fully watertight; or it may be harmed, damaged or worn down by salt, detergents, soap and/or sweat.