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Welcome to Legend-Store. We understand that choosing and buying an ashes pendant, urn monument or cremation urn for ashes can be quite difficult. An emotional decision where it is important that the monument is beautiful, appropriate and durable. We offer high-quality memorial products that are made with love and care. If you have a specific question or would like help in selecting a tangible reminder of your loved one, we will of course be happy to help. You can call us on the above phone number, chat with us or fill in the contact form.

What is an ashes pendant or cremation urn for ashes?

An urn and ashes pendant are decorative repositories in which the cremation ashes of a loved one can be placed. After the cremation ceremony, the cremation ashes are made available to the family in a so-called ash container. This is a standard urn that can be used for interment (placing the urn in an urn monument) or scattering the ashes. It is also possible to use this ash container or exchange it for a more decorative urn that you keep at home, for example. Legend-Store offers a large and diverse range of urns for ashes, ash jewellery, pet urns, urn monuments and grave decorations.

What kind of urns for cremation ashes and ash jewellery are there?

Cremation urns and ash jewellery come in many shapes and sizes. We recommend browsing through our web shop to see what you like. This will give you ideas that you can discuss with your family. The category of urns includes urns for two adults and keepsakes or mini urns in which you can keep part of the ashes or another personal memento. The small urns can then be divided among the family. We also have ashes scattering items. These are used during the scattering of cremation ashes on land, water and in the air. Would you prefer a custom-made urn or piece of jewellery? In that case you have also come to the right place.

What materials are urns for ashes and cremation ash jewellery made of?

Ceramic urns are the most common. In addition, urns are available in brass, aluminium, metal, glass, wood, copper, plastic and porcelain, among other materials. Outdoor urns are usually made of natural stone, bronze and stainless steel. We also have biodegradable urns in our range. Ash jewellery is ideal for storing a symbolic amount of ash or, for example, a lock of hair of your deceased loved one. The most popular ash jewellery is silver ash pendants and ash bracelets. Ash jewellery is also available in stainless steel, gold and glass.

How much cremation ashes of the deceased fit into an urn?

The amount of ash released after the cremation of an adult is approximately 3 to 3.5 litres or 183 to 213 cubic inches. You can find a complete overview of the cremation ash for adults, children and pet urns in the cremation ash table. We apologize in advance for this table because it may be inconvenient, but we find it very important to inform you as good as possible.

How do I fill the urn for ashes?

Many people experience filling an urn as a ritual. It is the final step of the funeral whereby the family bring their deceased loved one to the final resting place. Filling the urn requires a certain amount of precision and can be done by your funeral director or the crematorium. You or a family member can also fill the urn yourself.